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[TRANS] 121222 Boyfriend – Interview in “@star1″ January 2013 Edition Magazine

imageBoyfriend, from handsome boys has grown up to be a man.

How does you feel when you first arrived in Bukchon? Is the weather very cold?
Hyunseong: First of all, it’s not cold. I want to live here! I think it’s pretty.
Donghyun: In fact, this is the first time we’ve been to Bukchon. I know tourists come here to go sightseeing but I didn’t knew the place would be this beautiful. The place is nice and pretty.

Boyfriend is popular and hot in the Japanese market. Is it hard doing activities both in Korea and Japan? Any food problems.
Minwoo: The language barrier is a little hard for us. We’re still inexperienced in Japan and we are lacking a lot.
Youngmin: All of us eat well. We like meat the best. In Japan, we love to eat ramen so we eat them a lot.

In Japan, which restaurant do you usually go to after schedules end?
Youngmin: I recommend a shop called “Akasaka Ramyun”.
Kwangmin: We also often go to Roppongi Tonkatu House. The meat is very soft and it’s delicious. In Japan, we usually go to meat houses (restaurant) and finish every last piece of meat we have.

Which of the members that has a unique sleeping habit?
Youngmin: Minwoo has a unique sleeping habit. We are preparing for our concert nowadays and when we go to sleep suddenly he yells, “Let’s go!” loudly. It’s really funny.
Donghyun: I usually wake the members up. Minwoo is the hardest to get up! Even Hyunseong gets angry when waking them up sometimes.

You put on smokey make-up for ‘Janus’, how does it feel transforming from the boy image to a sexy image?
Youngmin: At first, we had a pure concept and we are slowly getting used to the image transformation. To do a sexy pose, we have to do it with our eyes by glancing. In addition, smokey make-up is very hard to remove. But I like it.
Jeongmin: In fact, my eyes is small and complex to do. My eyes disappear when I smile. However, because of smokey make-up my eyes can be seen even when I smile. It’s hard to remove but I like how it looks.

The choreography for ‘JANUS’ is amazing. Isn’t it hard to dance in the military outfits?
Minwoo: ‘JANUS’ dance moves really is hard. At first time doing it for the first time I feel like collapsing, the second time I feel like wanting to throw up and the third time, I felt like dying. I fell a lot.
Jeongmin: I fell a lot as well. I even fell on my jaw.

Is there any Boyfriend’s song that you specifically like?
Donghyun: My solo song ‘Listen’.
Hyunseong: My ‘Like This Like That (Trippin’)’ solo song. Because when I sing my own song, I can put my personality into it and sing it the way I want it.
Jeongmin: The song I like is ‘Mystery’. As soon as I heard the song, I thought it was amazing. I also like ‘How Are You (My Dear)’.
Minwoo: There is this song called ‘Go Back’. I like to listen to it again and again because of the lyric.
Jeongmin: I also like ‘Go Back’ too.

Who’s style is the coolest in a pictorial?
Donghyun: Because of Kwangmin’s height, it makes him look like a model. (Actually, during the shooting Jeongmin received praises for his eye guestures). Ei, I’m short.
Youngmin: To me, it’s Donghyun hyung. His body’s balance is good you’ll be surprised.

So, who is the most sexy?
Donghyun: Fans who often see me on the internet will know. I look at a lot of photos where I look sexy in it. I am in charge of being sexy in the group.

Which member is the best dancer?
Jeongmin: Minwoo. He dances with all his heart.

What do you do during free-time at the dorm?
Donghyun: We do what guys do, sometimes we just chat with one another or play a lot of games but we would rather go play outside than stay at the dorm watching TV. Watch movies and dramas. We watch ‘Walking Dead’. We’re huge fans of <Infinity Challenge>. We watched it yesterday, it’s very fun.
Hyunseong: Usually the game would be 3:3 (3 members vs 3 members). At first, the game was actually for one person and when he was just about to get better, another person came in and claims he plays better and beat the other people to the bottom.

Who are your role model?
Jeongmin: Lee Juck sunbaenim. I grew up listening to songs by Panic. {T/N: Lee Juck was a member in Panic}
Hyunseong: For me, it’s K.Will hyung.
Jeongmin: I like K.Will. I heard a rumor that he’s been here.
Hyunseong: I practice singing a lot with K.Will hyung’s songs. ‘Tears are Dropping’ is nice.

Is there a sunbae you would like to work with?
HyunseongJeongmin: Big Bang’s TOP and G-Dragon sunbaenim are friends we would like to learn a lot from.
Youngmin: With Noel sunbaenim. Their songs are really nice.

What style (type) of girl do you like?
Donghyun: A girl who is bright and active. Who likes to talk in codes, a fun girl. Someone who would wear comfortable jeans and a t-shirt that matches.
Hyunseong: My ideal type is Suzy of miss A. We have only met once.
Youngmin: Cute and sexy girls. Not those who act cute but the girls that are originally cute.

Is the concert rehearsals going well?
Donghyun: We’ve been practicing two days before the concert. Along with ‘JANUS’ and for our Japan activities at the same time, we’ve been up practicing almost every night. Is it worth it? Not at all! {T/N: Donghyun was joking} There was a lot of work to do. Food would be nice. (laughs) Now we have fan-meeting in Asia, Japan concert and soon we will begin touring as well. January would be packed as well. We will work even harder.

What kind of music do you want to do in the future?
Jeongmin: We want to try funky music in the future. Jazz style like Bossanova. Like a music that is first known to the world. I recommend David Archuleta’s ‘Works for Me’. Nowadays I’m listening to a lot of One Direction songs as well.
Minwoo: I would like to try concepts like DBSK sunbaenim’s Mirotic. Something as manly as that. Like all the girls want in a romance.

How was 2012 for Boyfriend?
Jeongmin: This year was a turning point for us. We had a full studio album and our debut in Japan was a success. Slowly, our music was recognized by the world.
Minwoo: This year was a perfect start for us.
Youngmin: This year, we were able to show a lot of us. A lot of people showed interest for our first live broadcast for “JANUS”. The expectations were satisfied.
Hyunseong: We’ll be going to the next year from this year. We would walk and rest and then, walk and just like that. We want to try to get 1st place.
Kwangmin: I was able to show my ability. Not just from a cute image, I showed that I can be manly as well.
Donghyun: After our Studio Album, we start to really work hard. Later this year will also be memorable.

source: 보go프당 for Scanned Magazine Interview
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